Welcome To My Life

I’m six hours into sitting in a Starbucks (just today) with a blank mind tumblr_mlfd5dgKx51r9kx12o1_500and eleven dollars less while feeling like a complete asshole. Bios are hard and this is my thirteenth revision to four already posted and deleted entries. I’ve also changed the topic of my blog three times now… Right now, I know more about coffee than I ever wanted to know and that the barista is “Living the dream.” (He’s said it seven times since I’ve been here) I have no plan for this blog and even worse this isn’t a free trial… But here I am twenty-three years wise. By the time this intro is finished my backspace key will look like the Death Star after meeting Luke Skywalker. This is what surviving your first blog post looks like and that’s okay. Confidence is everything. Find what you want for your blog and just run with it. It took me five weeks to narrow my blog down to my life (not really feeling like that’s narrowing it down though). I’m confident now that this is the right direction I want my blog to go in. From Ray to Z is simply just me surviving my life from the little things to the big and everything in-between.