Mid Air

As I’m flying mid air thinking, this is it. This is how I die. One thought raced through my mind. I haven’t tasted as many types of cheesecake as I would have liked to. Well that’s not entirely true… Weird guy has a funny pointless last thought. Super, “The World According to Garp” type death. That’s not how it happened. What happened was some careless driver struck me. Got launched from his broken windshield all to the thought of, “OH F#$K.” Closed my eyes and waited to greet death as an old coworker I once tried to hangout with after work, but it was just weird. So essentially without getting too into details here’s the story. Guy turns left. DOESN’T YEILD. Ray breaks and tries to stop. RAY CAN’T STOP IN TIME. Guy looks me deadass in the eyes. YOOOO YOU SAW ME TOO LATE BRO. Car and Ray slam into each other. MIRROR BREAKS OFF AS MY RIBS HIT IT. Not so bad yet as I start to try to make a hard turn. GUY TURNS INTO ME MORE. My side along with my arm are up on the car and who knows where my bike is. I CLOSE MY EYES. Upper left arm and elbow goes into windshield and out. I FLY OFF THE CAR. Rolls across the pavement and begins to slowly open eyes. I stood up so fast and did a pat down to see if all my body parts were still on me. Took a look to see where my bike was.

Looked at the car that was slowly moving away. At this point all I could think about was, “Don’t do me dirty, stay here.” Between him slowly rolling and stopping it felt like when you have to pee but you’re on a car trip or stuck in traffic. ETERNITY. What happened next was your typical. Here wipe everything up with this towel I pulled from my truck. Wanna use these Clorox wipes? Should we even call the cops. It’s not even my car. Oh, okay cool yeah good idea to call the cops. Things kinda go smoothly from there. Get asked all the typical questions and hop in an ambulance. What you don’t want to hear on the ride to a hospital is about how the driver and other guy enjoyed their party the night before. The guy even gave me a little wink. Very amusing. The best part of all of it is before I even called the cop’s I phoned my job to tell them, “Hey yeah soooo I might not make it in. Got hit by a car. I let you know later though okay.” Hospital was a hospital not much to say. So Yeah, I got hit by car and got back up. Few weeks later I ran three marathons back to back to back. I’d say it was an eventful June.

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