One Door Three Responses (A text thread)

A brief text thread between Morgan and I today after a strange encounter. I found it super interesting to see how people are so different from each other. This post is not bashful more as an open observation on today’s culture. Here we go.

Ray: Oh, do I have a story for you. Today I held the door open twice for three strangers (all female) and got three different responses. Was so shook I forgot my Starbucks order.
Morgan: Lmao what were the responses?
Ray: Keep in mind these women were between 20 and 25 years of age. The first walked through the door without a thank-you and owned the hell out of it like she deserved me to slave for her. The second looked taken back and thanked me three times and called me a gentleman. The third gave a weird look and said, “I got it” as she went to hold the door for me basically saying she doesn’t need anything from anyone.
Morgan: I can relate to all those 😂 that is so interesting though. I feel like you can tell a lot about people in situations like that. Although the one who said nothing either did have a big ego or was just so socially awkward and she refused to say anything.
Ray: True but none the less that still says something like she doesn’t know how to act when someone makes a kind gesture. Not exactly that, but I think you more than anyone would understand what I mean in that wording.
Morgan: Yes, like I do understand lol. Almost like it made her uncomfortable maybe?
Ray: YES. I almost felt ashamed of myself for the two that were weird; but happy to hold the door for girl number two.
Morgan: At least you know you did the gentlemanly thing lol.

As you can see we merely discuss the differences between my own reaction and the reactions of the three women. The text thread was longer than this, but this chunk really grasped what had happened today. We go on to say being nice to people in general male or female is such an important thing. We might not get the reaction we expect (or want) but the important thing is to do these nice gestures from the heart. Even if the gesture is to make you feel like you were a decent human being for just one lousy second. I also understand I really emphasized the female aspect of this a tad more than I would if I held the door open for a male. I need to be more observant of that. Male or female I will hold the door open all day for people. I’m pretty sure one time down-town I held a door open for five minutes… There was a video by Sean Whalen on Facebook that triggered this post about doing nice things. (The relationship part doesn’t apply because I wasn’t trying to impress these girls. My intentions were to be kind. BUT the part about accepting nice gestures either from a point of viewing them or receiving a nice gesture does.)

SIDE NOTE: SORRY ABOUT THE SWEARING IN THE VIDEO. I had to share this though. Scroll to the bottom for video.

[This post is merely a reminder to go out and be nice today. Be nice for you. Be nice for others. Be nice for the world. Because you know what? That would be nice.]

[If you want to read another post done by Morgan and I click here “Introductio Ad Regnum Tarantulae”]


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