Movies & Artificial Intelligence

      Artificial intelligence in the cinematic world and books is something there is no shortage of these days. Picking out the outstanding from the trash is a tricky ordeal. That’s why I’m here to offer you five films that will leave your mind racing for days or at least a few hours. Reading this you might be hoping to see “I Robot” on this list. If you are take your cheap trash movie to a different list. My list has no place for cheap plot twists or Will Smith (It’s a DCEU grudge). Here’s what to expect: the movie title, a brief explanation on why I love this movie and then the trailer. 

One: Blade Runner 2049

Star studded (not to a fault), beautifully made down to the last detail, cutting edge CGI, little to no dialog and when there is you better pay attention. Only a few amazing qualities this film brings to the viewer. If you want to question a character’s reality, feel your stomach churn as Jared Leto looks blindly into the eyes of one of the million robot “children” he has or even question if your emotions are real. This is the film for you. Do me a favor when you get around to watching this movie. View it as if it should be in an art museum because that’s where it belongs. This movie holds a very special place in my cinematic heart.

Two: Ex Machina

This is the type of movie that turn after every other turn. You begin to question every word/action a character chooses/makes. Everything is sinister and wonderfully beautiful at the same moment. A movie I strongly think that can only be taken in once fully. You will remember your first viewing and even possibly your reaction to the movie like I still do. If you haven’t seen this movie yet I envy you and urge you to rent it. This is a must see.

Three: 2001: A Space Odyssey

I recently bought the book and author Arthur C. Clarke notes this about the film: “From the savannas of Africa at the dawn of mankind to the rings of Saturn as man ventures to the outer rim of our solar system, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a journey unlike any other. This allegory about humanity’s exploration of their universe, and the universe’s reaction to humanity, was the basis for director Stanley Kubrick’s immortal film and lives on as a hallmark achievement in storytelling.” Well put sir.

Four: Blade Runner

I mean if “Blade Runner 2049” is number one you had to see this coming. This movie alone stands by itself. Same as the new this movie has an amazing soundtrack, beautifully shot (showing humbly where Blade Runner 2049 got its genes) and more importantly opens our mind to the world of Blade Runner. Imagine trying to figure out if an advance machine who’s seen more than you can fathom is human or not. Now try “retiring” that advance machine. Are emotions learned or only human? This movie asks very subtle questions only the viewer can decide to answer.

Five: Ghost In The Shell (Anime)

Don’t go looking to the live action version of this movie. That movie will never equate to the original 1995 anime version. If you are looking for redemption of the live action version watch this, and you will be satisfied. A movie that leaves you wanting more and asking more questions than you’d like. Human and AI combined in this mind-bending mystery type cop action anime adventure. WOW NERD. I still can’t figure out what to think about this movie after multiple views. So if you want to question everything we know about AI go ahead and watch this.


And to bid you goodbye here is a fact about me. I sit on my bed like it’s a couch and sleep on my couch like it’s my bed. Do whatever you like with that.

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