Where’d I Go?

Looking forward to the future of my blog! Then I disappear for half the year. I feel no obligation just because I have a blog to post. I’ve been on two trips, attended two concerts, a comic convention and so much more between this post and the last. Finished the “Harry Potter” books and films, binged a few television shows, got back into videogaming with my friends and signed up for a half marathon. Planning for the future and meeting many new people. All these things are none of your business. They all (I feel for the most part) required me to be fully present. In short, this year has been nothing but growing and bettering myself. Very unexpected if I may so and rude on my behalf (the lazy half). The lazy half of me is also the reason for not posting, I just didn’t want to put out forced material either. Nothing worse than being another twenty something try hard blogger. So yeah, I just basically wasted your time today to tell you “I don’t care.” This entire post is a “I’m doing this for me” post. AND. To end this post I will leave you with some wisdom I’ve picked up in my life. “True adulthood is achieved when you have an emergency set of clothes stored away at work (for any occasion).” -Gandalf The Grey. JK I said that today soaking wet because I got caught in the rain. Until indefinitely, yours truly. [not yours]

One thought on “Where’d I Go?

  1. Not a very nice message for people who have enjoyed reading what you have to say. This just says “Piss Off” to your followers. You have more to offer but if this is all you write, why bother?

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