“Introductio Ad Regnum Tarantulae”

Link to the song Introductio Ad Regnum Tarantulae

“Introductio Ad Regnum Tarantulae” could possibly be my favorite Ludovico Einaudi song. Like the fact he brought some of the finest musicians together to create this song and the album this song opens for. Multicultural, emotionally written, played to perfection with heart and thought evoking. These are just a few qualities that I have gathered over listening to it countless times.

I had set out to ask a few people what this song made them feel or how they reacted to it. To my dismay there was only one response. BUT. It was a rich answer and one I have gone over many times. My dear friend Morgan when asked “What does this song make you feel” answered with this.

“I felt the song was building up to something, like it had a vibe of something more to come. It made me think of spring when it’s starting to get nice out and everyone is looking forward to it being summer (if that makes sense). I feel like if the song were in a movie it’d be playing while the heroine or hero is beginning some type of journey. I like how it started out simple, but more was added to the melody as the song went on. The song has an optimistic and hopeful feel to it.” -Morgan

Now that we are late into winter and many of our moods are dragging and the cold days seem to be taking a toll; it felt appropriate to share this with you all. Springs around the corner, our year has just started, and we have all got time to be optimistic and hopeful.

I really appreciated this response and another point of view on my blog. What I’m hopeful for and am optimistic about is that I will have more posts out like this in the coming year. Stories, point of views, funny writings, serious matters and all the above written by not just me but others. How I am going to accomplish this I’ve got no idea but as we take this adventure together I’m excited to share this with you all so stay tuned!!!

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