Happy New Year!

Alright let’s get this obligatory New Year’s post out of the way, but before I start it let me ask you one question. What is the greatest New Year’s song of all time? I’ll answer that question at the end of this hopefully very short post… So, how many of you are going to work out more, eat healthier, cut toxic people out of your life, read more, watch a few more movies, get closer with family members? Not me. Want to know why? It’s because I don’t lie to myself and I do my best to not create false expectations.  It gives me more time to watch you all fail horribly and pretend like you never set those goals when people ask. It’s funny though Becky because I’m pretty sure I saw three Instagram posts of you at the gym titled “New Year new me”. No? That’s funny because your Snapchat story was filled with healthier foods for workouts just a few months back. Weren’t you reading that self-help book also? See how fun it is for me sitting back watching every New Years resolution crumble for you people. That’s why I set minimal goals like: shop consciously at least three times this year, blog whenever I feel like it, shower, live, drink coffee, see things. See I already feel accomplished and have completed more than you Becky. The real point of this blog post is to set goals you know you can achieve with hard work, but don’t set goals that are impossible and sudden lifestyle changes. Build on the simple goals and continue to challenge yourself all year into the years to come. I’m happy with how this post turned out so I’ll call it here LOL (letting my inner end of the year lazy come out). Did you think about that question I asked? I did, and I even discussed my answer with a few people. Before I tell you, the greatest New Years song listen to the songs others say are the greatest, you might be surprised to hear some of the answers. My song is ABBA’s “Happy New Year” if you haven’t heard it click the link below and enjoy! 

ABBA “Happy New Year” Youtube Link.


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