Scented Toilet Paper

Let’s get something straight before you read this awfully “political” blog post.

1. I don’t care who you voted for.

2. Trump’s foul no matter what angle you try to see him from.

3. Hillary Clinton is equally as foul as him and people would have hated her in office as much as people hate him in office.

The next time you catch yourself thinking Trump is the end of America or the world as we know it remind yourself of this. Humanity went from wiping their bums with their hands and leaves to using scented toilet paper. If we could make it this far you bet your bum we’ve got enough scented toilet paper to clean up the poop stain that is Trump. Like civilized people of course because after all if he’s the poop stain we’re the scented toilet paper. 

The gist is stop the negativity people. We can choose to be belittling like our adult child of a president (see what I did there hypocrites). Or we can be what we want to see in a president. More now than ever we should be proud to be Americans because we fight for our beliefs. I may be a friken twenty-four year old “figuring it out” but there is so much good in this world (shouldn’t take you too long to figure that out). Put down your phones or open your eyes and look for the good because you won’t have to look far to see it. He may be a bad president but We The People are what make America Great (not great again).

Go be thankful and joyous this week! Happy Thanksgiving!  

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