Well Wookie What We Got Here

I don’t think I ever thought at twenty-three I would be sitting in a Starbucks writing a blog post about Star Wars. But here I am listening to the opening theme feeling as if I’m just hearing it for the first time. Here’s what my family’s probably thinking as they read this: “Oh great another lecture on Star Wars from Ray”, “How can Ray know so much about a fake world but not even understand credit”, “Did Ray just alter his blog again so he could fit in a Star Wars post?” (Yes, yes I did.) Let’s get this post into hyperdrive. (LECTURE ALERT!!!!) Were the Clones that executed the infamous Order 66 actually bad guys? Well the answer might surprise you, no they weren’t. Clones were far from laser brains. Many of you know Jango Fett was the template used to create the Grand Army of the Republic that served with the Jedi. Many of them happened to be friends of some of the most respected Jedi, one example is the friendship that formed between Obi Won Kenobi and Commander Cody (CC-2224). Not to mention Clone Troopers would often become friends with one another, like Commander Cody and Captain Rex (CT-7567). So why would they kill Jedi if they showed great signs of respect and loyal friendships to them? The answer all lies with Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine (Darth Sidious). During the creation of the Clones on Kamino Count Dooku (another Sith Lord) posed as a Jedi while meeting with Kaminoan cloners. He provided them with a bio-chip that was implanted into the clones early on in their development. That chip you may have guess was Order 66 or Clone Protocol 66. The chip basically guaranteed total control over the Clones and made them extremely violent towards the Jedi. A fine plan indeed and very well executed by the Sith because this order obviously is what lead Sidious to gain total control. There was a minor hiccup with this chip just once (possibly a story for another time) that was covered up with the death of some Clones. So, did the Clones end up feeling bad or having PTSD after Order 66? Well I’m not sure because there isn’t much on them after executing the order. The Next time we get to see Clones they aren’t Clones they are Stormtroopers. Clones eventually became the 501st legion that served Darth Vader. They considered themselves better than the Stormtroopers because they were, but there are so few of them that we don’t really know yet. Star Wars Rebels may be able to help us with that though. Until then I would say that no the Clones weren’t bad at all and most likely did suffer some type anguish from the act. To them though Order 66 was a reflex and most of them only took orders from the Jedi, so only the ones that were close with the Jedi probably felt badly. (End of lecture.) Thanks so much for indulging my passion for Star Wars. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! Click for the force to be with you.

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