I Didn’t Blog This Weekend!

Hey all, this weekend I didn’t blog but instead tweaked my blog. I added my bio to the top of the widget bar and created an email for this blog (fromraytoz@gmail.com). Click “Show” in the top corner to open the widget bar. Recent posts can now be located right on the front page or widget bar (up to three most recent posts for the widget). AAAAAAAANNNNDDDD I added a follow button and email list! If you want to stay on top of this blog I would appreciate you taking time to hit the follow button located in the widget bar. You can also subscribe via email on my widget bar. I am continually overwhelmed by the support I am getting from family and friends. I’d like to thank them for that support, but for the people viewing my blog outside of that circle THANKYOU! It’s a great feeling to know close to three hundred people have read my work already and I’m so motivated by all of you. Thank you all and I continue to look forward to what’s to come. (This will be the first of many Star Wars references) 

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